Dayı was founded by Mehmet Zeki Arıcıoğlu in 2013 in Erzurum. With 12 years of experience in food-service industry and his ambitious goal to make everyone taste the restaurant’s unique menu, Arıcıoğlu has managed to make Dayı a well-known chain-restaurant brand in Turkey. Dayı is still holding the reputation of being the only chain-restaurant-brand that specializes in lahmacun.

“Most importantly, we have invested in people to be able to provide our customers with the best experience.” 

Mehmet Zeki Arıcıoğlu Chief Executive Officer

what we serve is;

erzurumciftlik_icon To sustain the quality and taste, we prepare the basic ingredients and send them to our locations from one center.
The vegetables used in our recipes are selected with respect to seasonal changes. We always care to use and serve fresh and seasonal vegetables.
Every day starts with a new dough in Dayı. Our recipes do not include any type of additives or preservatives.
Baking in wood-fired ovens is the only cooking method in our restaurants, which is the traditional way to cook lahmacun.
Fresh made daily ayran is our signature drink. We always prefer to supply dairy products from trusted local brands located around our branches.

Our Concept

Sustaining the core value of Anatolian cuisine, thousands of years of #SINCERITY.

Our Goal is;

  • to be a steady-growing brand without giving up on our quality.
  • to provide our partners and employees with a happy and peaceful work environment.
  • to sustain our traditional recipes along with complying with hygiene and quality standards.
  • to make our partners and employees proud of not only high-quality and competitive products but also the values created and sustained within our brand.
  • to be a trusted brand by both our customers and partners through our unique and excellent menu that contains our recipes, experience, and values. 

With Kürek Lahmacun, we are the only brand in Turkey because;

  • We prepare the lahmacun mix and the other basic ingredients in our production center and send them to our branches as fresh.
  • We are responsible for hiring and training the chefs continually. 
  • We cook in wood-fired ovens.
  • We only use beef in our recipes, which allows us to serve our signature dishes as the main course freed from heavy smell and taste.
  • Before and after opening a branch and beyond, we consult our partners in many areas, help them promote their branches, supply the restaurants’ basic equipment, serving tools, and printed materials continually.
  • We inspect our branches on a regular basis to identify their needs and solve problems.


Our headquarters is located in Ankara Industrial Region. The building takes up a 1200 m2 area in which the production facilities, logistics department, and main offices take place. It was built in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock.

Our facility has been regarded as a flagship project by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock.

The shelf life of the ingredients is 7 days. At least 3 days of every week, our production and logistic departments prepare and ship the ingredients for our branches.

The basic ingredients, especially meats, lahmacun mix, and dairy products reach our locations through cold chain logistics.

The ingredients are carried in +4 °C as fresh without being frozen.


In 2018, our 18 locations reached 28.270.679 TL revenue in Turkey. In 2019, with 25 locations, we aim to reach 42.000.000 TL revenue by the end of the year. In 2020, the sales are estimated at 60.000.000 TL with the growth of 35 locations. In 2021, it is aimed to reach 100.000.000 TL sales and growth of 50 branches. Within five years, we aim to open at least one location and introduce our unique menu to every city in Turkey with the goal of growth to 100 branches. We have carried out market research to expand our locations in other countries within two years.

We were proud of serving 2,505,668 delicious lahmacun to our customers in 2018.

In the same year, we also served 200,783 pide that are prepared with special braised beef and cheese whose taste was appreciated by our guests.

By the end of 2019, we aim to serve 3.750.000 lahmacun and 300.000 pide.

As complementing delicacies, we also serve çiğ köfte (spicy-bulgur-paste), cheese pide, and house-made ayran (yogurt drink).


The process starts by finding suitable locations that cover an average 250-350 m2 area. The preliminary locations are inspected by our franchising experts.

The average cost of a brand-new location costs 850.000 TL.

A wood-fired oven specifically designed for our products is built by craftsman. The ovens are designed to be capable of cooking 2,500 products.

We only allow wood-fired ovens in the restaurants.

Franchising cost is 100,000 + Tax.

A franchising agreement that protects both parties’ rights is signed.

The total cost covers the entire process of preparing a location for service, including the design and construction of a branch.

The locations reaching 150,000 TL monthly revenue pay 3% of the revenue as a franchise fee.

Our locations are only able to use the restaurant software that is required by the head office.

Our branches are responsible for reporting their daily revenues on a regular basis.


At Dayı Academy, we train the chefs who are assigned to work in our locations through a certificate program. 
The head office is always responsible
for recruiting and training the chefs
for the branches.
Aside from above, the location owners are responsible for the chefs’ salaries decided by the head office, housing, and meals. We also have a training program for those who work in our locations regarding our standards. We hold these training events in the locations with thorough instruction and demonstration in person.

Our Menu

Kürek Lahmacun Kürek Lahmacun is a flat-bread topped with a special mixture of ground beef, veggies, and spices. It has four different flavors; spicy, mild, chipotle and garlic. The source of its unique taste comes from high-quality halal meat, fresh vegetables, fresh-daily made dough, and wood-fired ovens. Our lahmacun also sustains the traditional recipe of the city of Urfa, which has been around for centuries. Our signature dishes are always
served with fresh vegetables that refresh your palate with every bite and sustain the long-lasting tradition of lahmacun consumption.

Kürek Pide

Kürek pide comes in two varieties; pide with kavurma, Turkish-style-braised meat, and pide with cheese. The ingredients come from Erzurum whose high-lands are well-known for the green lands resulting in unique flavors in meat and dairy products. This also makes every pide taste always the same in every location. Meat pide is prepared as a calzone-style-folded dough in which beef and cheese are mixed, reaching the rich and perfect taste. Cheese pide, on the other hand, lets the fire caramelize cheese on top of the flat dough with the help of tasty butter.

Çiğ Köfte

Dayı Çiğ Köfte is the reinvention of Turkish traditional bulgur paste that originally belongs to the city of Urfa’s extraordinary cuisine. It is vegetarian and it is perfectly paired with lahmacun. Because of walnut and bulgur, Dayı Çiğ Köfte can be consumed as a filling main course or a delicious cold appetizer.

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